Month: March 2022

Stalag Map

For my recent reading activity we had to create a blog post about Stalang Map! A map of Johnny Pohe and the routes him and his team mates took to try and escape the camp. Johnny Phoe was a qualified pilot who was apart of the Royal Air Force and was one one New Zealands first Maori to be trained.


Epro8 Challenge

We recently created a crane, bridge, car, box and flying fox, this was all apart of Epro8 which is a interschool science and engineering competition, which we took part of buliding  structures with material we were given . It was an amazing exprience and alot of fun. The most difficlut part was figuring out what our bulidings should’ve looked like and if we could imporved it.

Peter’s Journey

We completed 2 freeze frames in groups. Using the emotions and feelings we felt we created a vocab list and with that we only had 15 minutes to write about Peter’s journey from a book called The Treasure Box.

The moment I heard bombs my heart knew war was taking place. Fear and terror frequently pounce at me. I provking a negative energy, without hesitation I grab all my necessary needs and I continue to walk with a crowd of deppressed people wondering if we willl ever find shelter. Freezing, pain and a heavy weight makes me exhausted. The dark smoke slightly drifts and with shock I felt weak headed and unsteady.

My Treasure

A war has begun, I witnessed soldiers breaking into houses killing innocent families. As I watch my house slowly turn into ashes I run like Usain Bolt to rescue my nanas urn. It was foggy and the room was covered with black smoke. I get closer to the living room. I find it hard to breathe. I am covered in ash. Rubbing my eyes, restoring my eyesight and rushing to save my beloved urn of my nans ashes. I quickly run back out of the building slowly feeling light headed. 


Peters Pespective

 Peters Pespective

  • Traumatised and overwhelmed, I look at the chaos happening in the distance. My house has exploded and is now destroyed. Devastation & disbelief at losing my home and country. The never ending screams, bombs and horror on my dads face wondering if this tragedy will end.The looks of others horrified and worried, its pestering me.