High Flying Giraffes

One of my recent writing activities was done with the whole class. We were told to watch a 5 minute video about giraffes making their way up to a diving board and doing tricks . We wrote a perspective of one of the Giraffes. What we watched on the video we had to wirte down every detail of and put it into our own words.


Wow I think to myself, looking at my own reflection on the white glimmering tiles through what felt like a never ending hallway of white! 

Following behind a crowd of giraffes, the only sound through the quietness was many hooves clicking, clacking. In the corner of my eye I see a robot toy? My friend Nikita posing, I was laughing as Ellma pulled her back into the crowd by her ears. “Phew” losing my breath looking at what looked like a thousand stairs and losing hope of ever making it up there. I was hoping for this traffic to end on the spiral that moved slowly one by one, ears and tails twitching. Hearing splashing that echoed down the spiral walkway. I couldn’t hold in my excitement hoping for it to be my turn next.

Thinking of what trick I should do waiting for my turn to dive. I finally made it to the front of the line. I think to myself ” Silenzio bruno,” that’s what I say to keep negative thoughts out of my head. I see my friend Nikita hanging upside down assisting others to fly high up into the air. It worries me a bit but there was no way of going back. I hesitated for a while, tail wagging and ears constantly twitching which bothered me. I go for it.  Nikita was there. I run and jump up a rush of wind hits my face. Losing my vision flying up into the air doing back flips and then splashing into the pool ending my amazing trick with a great dive.


Hitting the water a cold unfriendly chilliness hits me. I was only thinking of getting out of the water sooner than later, paddling faster than ever, bobbing my head up and down to get some air. It was funny because the others looked like ballerinas. Trying to hold in my laugh, giggling since Ellma was drowning half way. Helping her get to the end of the pool where we climbed out lined up with a bunch of Giraffes bowing down one by one as we looked down and reached the water.  Sipping, some of the others are thirsty. They drink the smelly chemical water. I copied since I was breathing heavily.  I regret doing that. 


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