Coat Of Arms

The crown on the top repesents the Gold Crown of Tonga, the Bible and dove represents my faith in God and the Holy Spirit. The red cross repesents the cross on the Tongan flag and the 4 red stars are the Southern Cross that are on the New Zealand Flag. The motto on the bottom speaks about Luke 1:37 -For with God nothing shall be impossible.

Diary Entry

By a copse of trees in a area entirely filled with green grass, the scene of another fire again?. In disbilief knowing horrible people are burning houses of those I knew personally, I daze off for a whille thinking of how messed up people who didn’t have the right to do these misrable things. My eye caught another distaster coming from bastion point. A swarming pit of fire burning my whare!! A moment that I witnessed hatred against my people. I bolted home speechless of anything to say, I stand by a crowd of Maori people balling their eyes out of what castrophe where all our belongings are burnt into ashes. They didn’t have sympathy for Joanes death and thats a moment I will never forget.


A week ago our class induviually had to create a table of themes about  Sacrifice, Family, Hope and Kindness we had to write down of how the themes relate to me and how it does to the people in the article called  ” We’re Going On Hoilday” from Nz hearld . 


Role On The Wall

An article from NZ Herald called ” We’re Going On Hoilday” was about Mothers from Ukraine fleeing with their children to a different contry. The children don’t know why they are leaving the siutation that they are in so their mothers tell them that they’re ‘going on a hoilday,’ this was protect them from the war.